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Employee Scheduling


Schedule your employees based upon business demand and eliminate the use of time consuming spreadsheets to create weekly schedules. With Intellicasting, it's easy to see projected Labor Goals and employee counts for key time frames to better communicate scheduling needs. Save time and up to 1% or more on labor costs.

  • Easily set up schedules for your employees.
  • Employees can easily swap shifts and request time off and management will be immediately notified.
  • Schedules are automatically saved to the Cloud and can be easily accessed from one location by owners, managers, and employees.
  • Employees' availability can be entered into our system and will display when an employee is available to work.
  • Both employees and managers have access to their store specific contact list and can email, call, or text co-workers right from the free ScheduleNow app.
  • Employees can receive email, text, or push notifications for available shifts, shift reminders and alerts, increasing employee accountability.


Forecast your restaurant's financial data including Sales, Labor, Cash Flow, Net Profit and Break Even Point. Intellicasting includes interactive Income Statement Reports allowing you to easily look at what-if scenarios and see the forecasted results. Let Intellicasting forecast for you so you can save time, focus on restaurant operations, and add to your bottom line.

  • Interactive forecasting offers real-time adjustments to input variables for a more accurate and dynamic forecasting experience.
  • Goal setting and tracking allows you to set goals and track their progress, helping them stay accountable and motivated towards achieving their objectives.
  • Interactive financial modeling enables you to create and manipulate financial models to explore different scenarios.
  • Your dashboard provides a visual representation of the most important metrics for your business, allowing you to quickly and easily track performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
Managing the Numbers